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Double Down Doodle Breeding Stock


F1B Goldendoodle


Zoey is an F1B Goldendoodle. She is 45 pounds and has been tested for genetic abnormalities and is the epitome of health. Zoey loves her toys and family. Zoey thinks she weighs 5 pounds and her nickname is "teacup". She is non-shedding and her coat is curly and wooly.


Madisyn is an F1B Labradoodle. She currently weighs 35 pounds. Her coat is soft and quite curly. Madisyn is smart and was easy to house train. She is more protective than Zoey. Madisyn's health tests have all come back normal with no abnormalities. She is a wonderful mama and thoroughly enjoys her puppies. 


Winston is our newest addition! He is the son of Madisyn and Scribbles. Winston  will be available as a stud in 2022. Winston currently weighs 11 pounds and is expected to be 30 pounds fully grown. He is much shorter than the girls and is a Merle.